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The First Baptist Church of New London is a community of individuals who share a common commitment to personal and spiritual growth as followers of Jesus Christ.  Members and friends of this community strive to work together to understand how we can be agents of God’s grace and redemptive healing in our world.

Our diverse community is varied in denominational background yet values the traditions of our Christian faith.   We come together each week to celebrate and worship, to learn and to serve using the gifts and resources of our members to contribute to the mission of sharing God’s love.

As an American Baptist Church, we subscribe to no one particular creed, but recognize the individual’s responsibility to look for God’s guidance in daily faith and practice. We believe in the power of prayer and seek to practice this both corporately and privately in our daily lives.  We support one another in the personal study of the Bible as a means of growth and maturity in the Christian faith.

Our Sunday morning worship is the focus of our church family’s life.  We come together from many denominations and practices to sing hymns and songs of praise, to read scripture, to pray and to learn from the Biblical truths offered in the Word of God.

Like most American Baptist churches, the First Baptist Church of New London is self-governing and self-supporting. All decisions are made by the voting membership as a whole. The First Baptist Church of New London is a member of the American Baptist Churches Vermont/New Hampshire.

Our Mission: Our church is one in which people grow in Christian faith, walk in Christian love and practice Christian service. We fulfill our mission by exalting Jesus in our worship, teaching Christian discipleship, modeling Christian fellowship, serving our community and promoting the peace, justice, and mercy of God.

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