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FBC'S 200th Anniversary Capital Campaign

On June 2nd during the church service, we officially launched our 200th Anniversary capital campaign.

The campaign has been initiated in order to address the most critical physical maintenance needs of our

historic meeting house.


Any structure as old as this meeting house (built in 1826) often has much deferred maintenance, and as

beautiful as the building looks, there is a lot of internal and external work that needs to be done. 


"For nearly two centuries, The Asher Benjamin designed white church with its tall steeple, clock (owned

and maintained by the town) and Revere Bell has been a defining landmark of New London.  


As we launch our capital campaign, with an aim to preserve and enhance this historic 200-year-old meeting

house, we are also inviting the support of the community. All funds will be used exclusively for the restoration

of the meeting house.


If you have not already received a copy of the campaign brochure and the commitment card, you can find

them in the church Narthex, in Cleveland Hall or in the church office. The categories of projects

are enumerated with the estimated cost of each on the commitment card. A mailing envelope is also provided.


We hope to achieve a $500,000 campaign goal that will enable us to complete all of the work, possibly in time for the 200th anniversary celebration. The improvements will both restore and beautify the building and even enhance the worship experience.


As of Monday June 24th we have commitments in total of $xxx,xxx. So we are more than 75% of the way to

our goal. To close the gap we need more of our members and supporters to make commitments at any amount.

Even small donations will move us closer to our goal. Note that your total commitment can be spread over up

to three years.


When we celebrate the success of the campaign, we will list donors’ names but not amounts because we

recognize every contribution is given according to each donor’s means and will be greatly appreciated. You

will also see on the commitment card that you can choose to remain anonymous.


To donate to this important project, please complete the commitment card and if you are sending in a check

make it payable to "The Historic Restoration Fund". In addition to paying by check, a tax efficient way to give

is by donating shares of stock or making distributions from qualifying IRAs. For more information on these

methods, call the church office. You can drop off your completed commitment card at the church office (in

the provided envelope) or mail it to:


                                 Historic Restoration Fund

                                 C/O Financial Secretary

                                 First Baptist Church

                                 P.O. Box 336

                                 New London, NH 03257-0336


For questions call the office: (603) 526-6511.

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